How do Commercial Roofing Contractors Fix Water Ponding on Roofs?


Are you tired of looking at your roof and wondering why it’s still wet? Maybe ponding is the culprit. Flat roofs on commercial buildings can be a hassle when they start to leak. Ponding on flat roofs happens when water pools up on the surface, which can be caused by several things. They’re not always easy to fix and sometimes require expensive repairs. But expert Commercial roofing contractors can fix it for you using a set of different ways. If this has been happening on your building’s roof lately, don’t worry! Here are four ways commercial roofing contractors can fix your ponding problem:

Fixing and Improving Roof’s Drainage System

The first place a commercial roofing contractor will check is the drainage system. The goal here is to find if there is are clogged drains or pipes in order to figure out what’s wrong and fix it quickly before things get worse than they already are.

If the gutter or drainage channel is clogged, water will collect on your roof, resulting in leaked ceilings. Clearing the channel is a simple solution to this problem.

If the gutters are working correctly, but there is still water on your roof, your roof might need more room to disperse water. A roofing contractor might create a new drainage channel that will allow you to get rid of excess water and moisture without damaging anything else in its path. Only an experienced professional should take such action for safety sake!

Leveling the Low Spot

If the water is collecting in one location, it signifies that region is lower than the others. Every flat roof has a small tilt to it. The roof’s slope is exactly right for water to flow into the drain or gutters. However, if a section of your roof is indented or has a low spot, water will gather there before reaching the drain.

A low area can be fixed in a number of ways. Roofing plaster may generally be used by a skilled roofer to repair a low location in a roof. The roofer will fill in the low region and slope it to fit the roof’s existing slope.

Fixing Roof’s Slope

If the roof isn’t draining properly and there appears to be more than one dip in the roof, the situation might be more serious. It’s likely that the roof didn’t have the proper pitch when it was installed. A roof needs to have a slope of atleast 1%, or 1/8-inch per foot for the water to drain.

Commercial roofers could suggest you slope panels or tapered insulation to add slope to an existing roof. These panels are expensive but offer the benefits of roof insulation and energy efficiency.

If your commercial roof has stagnant water, commercial roofing contractor will examine your roof and fix the inconsistencies to repair the problems causing pooling of water. 

If water is sitting for too long on your commercial building’s roof, you should get help from a commercial roofing contractor as soon as possible to fix the problem. Ponding can be a serious problem, because water left sitting for a long time can lead to roof leaks and growth of moss and algae. Contact us to get your roof inspection today!