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'SHIELD' Roof Maintenance Program by Eskola

regular Commercial Roof Maintenance

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The key to long-term roof performance is routine maintenance and repairs. Often, major roof problems only come to the commercial building owner’s attention when a leak happens and after considerable damage has been done to commercial structur, equipment and inventory. We have dedicated trucks, equipment, and commercial roofing service technicians ready to take on your roof leaks, roof repair and maintenance issues.

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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Eskola's shield program

How it Works

SHIELD is designed to provide our clients with a bi-annual preventative maintenance program to extend the life of your roof, avoid costly emergency roof repairs, and preparing your commercial roof for spring rains, major storms, and harsh winter weather.

The following SHIELD commercial roof maintenance plan is based on years of experience in commercial roofing. The 15-point roof inspection plan covers the most likely areas that cause leaks on your roofing system. Any items that are found or repaired under our roof assurance program will be documented for your review.

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