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Eskola Roofing is the premier choice for safe and secure drone roof inspection services in the South East. Our commercial drone roof inspections are state-of-the-art, safe, quick, efficient, and cost-effective.  

We employ the most up-to-date drone technology to deliver thorough roof inspections with most accurate roof inspection reports. These reports are comprehensive and detail all the commercial roof issues.

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Commercial Roof Drone Inspections

Stop Roof Leaks

The Best Drones For Roof Inspection Under Our Belt!

We use high-resolution camera drones in combination with specialized software to produce detailed images of your roof surface.

Our Commercial Roofing Company operates advanced and high-tech drones – DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Enterprise Dual, and Phantom 4 Pro. These drones

Professional Drone Roof Inspection
From Eskola’s Drone Pilots

Eskola drone inspections are led by our elite team of commercial drone pilots. All pilots are certified by the FAA and operate in accordance with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Our roof inspections prioritize safety while working with flying drones, and we ensure that all our roof inspections adhere to these rigorous safety standards.

Our drone inspection crew will carry out roof inspections in the most effective ways without interrupting your routine. You can rely on our drones equipped with the highest quality cameras and sensors to capture accurate images and gather the best data points from your commercial building’s rooftop.

An Eskola drone pilot operating advanced aerial survey equipment for precise and efficient roof inspections
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Long gone are the days of tall ladders and climbing.
With the use of drones, roof measurements are easier than ever! Drones carry Lidar scanners that allow us to measure your roof on a large scale quickly, safely, and with no human interaction. This allows us to create a fully accurate report of your roof structure in less than an hour.A drone inspection provides a bird's-eye view of your commercial rooftop and quickly gives you an accurate assessment of any problems, such as cracks, hail damage, and loose or missing shingles. Identifying existing damage saves time and money while allowing you to plan repairs.