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Are you looking for a commercial roofing company in Nashville?
As a local Nashville roofing company, Eskola offers commercial roofing services including roof repairs, waterproofing, installation, maintenance, roof replacement, and emergency services.

Based on your roof’s state, our Nashville TN commercial roofing team can plan and perform roofing work at your building. 

For many years we are serving industrial and commercial property owners in Downtown, Midtown, Thompson, Hillsboro, German Town, SoBro, Music Row, Hendersonville, East Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and beyond.

Eskola has gained and developed its expertise in offering commercial roofing services by operating on commercial roofs for over 45 years. So all our work is time-tested and certified for perfection. Our key goal is to help protect, prevent deterioration and solve all roofing problems. 

In most cases, it is possible to return roofs to their original condition. So our commercial roofing contractors first consider restoring and keep replacement as a last resort.

Our repair and waterproofing work is powerful enough for a roof system to sustain for many years to come. We make the commercial roofs watertight, strong, and secure while guaranteeing their performance during rough weather.

Roof Repair for Commercial Buildings 

When you have a problem with your roof, it’s a huge concern. Your building’s security goes into question, and people who work inside feel unsafe. You’ll want it fixed right away. It’s not unusual for a commercial roof to develop issues. An expert roof contractor like us can repair them for you. Our experts do roof repairs regularly at various roof systems throughout Nashville, TN. We have the right solutions for common issues in all types of commercial roof systems such as leaky ceilings, saggy roofs, gutter overflows, nail pops, blisters, brown water spots, and leaking around industrial chimneys. 

Our Roof Waterproofing Service Gets High Praise

We’ve won awards for our waterproofing work! Local roofers on our experienced team specialize in adding insulation and applying sealants to commercial roofs. We apply thick layers of waterproofing coatings to minimize water seepage and keep the roof’s integrity during inclement weather. We do everything to prevent a roof leak in your commercial property. Business owners in Nashville and surrounding areas use us to waterproof their commercial structures against rain and storms. If your commercial roof is not currently waterproofed, you should have it done as soon as possible to avoid leaks and other structural issues.

Replacement of a Non-Repairable Roof – Complete Service at a Low Cost.

When a rooftop is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, you may seek a commercial roof replacement. Suppose you’re not sure if your roof needs to be replaced. We can inspect it and advise you on whether or not to replace it. Our commercial roofing contractors will first evaluate all areas to determine if it’s repairable. If the roof has experienced severe damage, has become porous, and further damage is inevitable, we will advise you for commercial roof construction. Eskola has its own warehouse for storing materials from the finest manufacturers. We can source all the roofing material and supplies required for a new commercial roof installation on your rooftop. Our installers and contractors are certified to install roofing materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance is Quite Important.

Our skilled commercial roofing contractors inspect and maintain your rooftop regularly to help it endure as long as possible. Our trained and certified technicians carry out inspections at least twice a year and document all findings with pictures. Our preventative maintenance program, SHIELD, will give you a full checklist of jobs done. We’ll also provide a thorough condition assessment and recommendations too. 

Commercial Metal Roofing Service

We have a long history of installing, repairing, and maintaining many types of commercial metal roofs. Our roofing contractors assist owners in maintaining metal roofs composed of corrugated galvanized steel, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel. We apply polyurethane and urethane coatings to prevent rusting and extend the roof’s lifespan. Contact us, and we will help you protect your metal roof, repair a problem with it, or install a new commercial roof.

TPO Commercial Roofing Services

TPO roofs provide several benefits. We will assist you in reaping all of these benefits to the fullest extent possible. Our experts will consult with you on the best TPO options, aid you with long-term maintenance, and build a new TPO rooftop over your business. As a full-service provider, we offer commercial roofing TPO services of all kinds. We will save you money by guiding you in choosing properly sized insulation, membrane, and penetrations.

Our Commercial Roofing Nashville Services are Available at These Locations

Berry Hill

Berry Hill is home to many residential and commercial buildings in Nashville. Many property owners in the area are subscribers of our commercial maintenance services. We are also called for emergency repairs and waterproofing work regularly. If you are looking for a commercial roofing service for your property in Berry Hill, we promise to send highly trained, experienced, and fully certified technicians to your place. 

Brent Wood 

Our roofing contractors in Brend Wood, Nashville, have years of expertise in working for property owners. We’ve performed commercial roof installation and repairs on a variety of commercial roofing systems. Our experts work without disrupting your business activities. If your building’s roof requires any form of roofing service, Eskola can quickly and affordably assist you.

Hillsboro Village

Through the years, we have completed several commercial roofing projects in Hillsboro Village, TN. We have many owners in the area as our regular customers for maintenance services. Our in-house 24/7 customer service takes requests from building owners in Hillsboro Village. On the first visit, we send our friendly technicians to your place with the right equipment and accessories for a rooftop inspection. The services we offer extend to any part of Hillsboro Village. 


Commercial Roofing Downtown Nashville

The downtown Nashville area has a lot of retail and office buildings. For many years, Eskola has provided high-quality repair, maintenance, waterproofing, and replacement services throughout the area. We are the ideal commercial roofing specialists for Downtown business owners because of our reasonable costs on all types of services for flat roofs and low slope roofs with asphalt shingles. Contact us if you need any form of quality commercial roofing work. Our qualified technicians will provide you with a sturdy and long-lasting roof.


As a leading commercial roofing contractor, local building owners choose us to complete roof repairs quickly and at a fair cost. We’re also a top pick for waterproofing, metal, and BUR(built up roofing system) installation and maintenance. Call us for a commercial roof inspection, new installation, or regular maintenance to keep your flat roofing or low slope roof in good shape at all times.

We are the Most Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors in Nashville

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• Around 50 years of experience

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• Licensed, trained, and experienced professionals

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