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We waterproofed a commercial building in Memphis, TN, in just 14 days! This video gives you a look at our process and how quickly we completed the project.

Eskola Commercial Roofers of Memphis Division took on a large waterproofing project for CBRE at their Bonnie Lane property. Their main issue was water infiltration at the mortar joints and window seals.

We started from the bottom and worked our way up, removing all caulking from the weep holes and resealing all windows and doors. We then applied an elastomeric base coat to the wall and an elastomeric top coat for extra protection. We also stripped and replaced all the top-edge metal to ensure everything was watertight.

All the penetrations were then sealed, and the project was complete!

Our work was pressure tested for leaks and passed with flying colors.

We are proud to have helped CBRE protect its property from water damage. We are always ready to help with your commercial roofing needs!

If you’re worried that your building is susceptible to water damage, call us at 901-531-4602. We offer free commercial roofing consultations and would be happy to assess your property and determine the best waterproofing solution for you.

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