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We have you covered for any commercial roof repair!

Eskola contractors handle minor to major roof problems in Chattanooga in the best possible way.

– We repair leaky roofs

– We fix flat roofs

– We waterproof and seal leaks

– We tinker metal roofing

– and more.

Let us repair your roof at a price you can afford. With highly trained contractors and a local office in Chattanooga, TN, we can provide fast and reliable roofing repair services. Call us anytime, 24/7.

Our unique in-depth inspection will uncover all the roofing problems. It will give us both a clear idea of the repair work that needs to be done. We can solve all the issues with great quality roof repair products. Our expert roof insulation contractors treat water leaks, broken shingles, missing chimneys or vents, corroded metal/flashings, or even damaged sealants

Don’t Let a Roof Leak Ruin Your Commercial Property!

“Call Eskola Roofing Experts For Fast And Reliable Roof Repair Services.”


Professional Roof Repair Contractors In Your City Of Chattanooga TN

Only certified technicians in Chattanooga fix leaks and damages with high-quality material.  Eskola being certified and tested Chattanooga roofing company offers superior quality repair for industrial and commercial roofing issues along with cleaning of debris to checking workmanship on the roof.

Today, we are one of the biggest roofing companies in Chattanooga and remain at the forefront in the commercial roofing industry – Professional, Prompt & Reliable.

We are known for our efficient and high-performance commercial roofing skills among businesses in the region. We can scale as per the demands of a roofing repair job. We have the best roofers, technicians, and equipment to complete the job on time with minimum downtime. Our Roofing specialists have years of experience working on various commercial roofs and delivering different types of commercial roofing services.

Chattanooga TN Commercial Roof Repair Service From A Skilled Roofing Team

 Problems in the commercial roof are difficult to detect by an untrained person. There might be issues in the roof lurking that will turn into more significant problems, especially during emergencies. You will need a specially trained commercial roofing contractor to determine all the problems your roof might be having. 

During our initial visit, we will inspect all the parts of your roof to determine various problems. This will involve checking the roof drains, roof vents, roof surface, roof coating, and other parts of the roof. 

Our specialized Chattanooga roofing contractors can easily detect problems of roof leaks, ponding water, punctures, blow-offs, shrinkage, blistering, sagginess, ridging, splitting, and others. If you suspect weather damage, we can accordingly audit your roof for hail, storm, and rain damage.

Available 24/7 For Emergency Roof Repair Service

“Call Eskola Roofing Experts For Fast And Reliable Roof Repair Services.”


We Fix Your Roof – Fast! – Emergency Leaking Roof Repair At Any Time 

We understand that roofs on buildings wear and tear rapidly due to extreme weather and could put a business in immediate trouble. With a roof impaired, all the contents side the building worth many thousand dollars could become vulnerable to water damage. 

If a storm blew your roof off or there is a leak, Our emergency 24/7 roof repair crew is located right in Chattanooga. We can immediately come where your building’s located and check the situation. 

We can right away do a portion of repair work in many cases and intensive repairs we schedule for later. Our roofing audit team will visit your property with all the gear needed to get on the roof, inspect, and get started with repairs. 

Still, Looking For Someone To Repair the Roof? Search No More. We Are Experts

You’re in Good Hands With Us. We Always Do Roofing Right. 

So many Local Property Owners of industrial and commercial facilities prefer our roof repair services in Chattanooga. We have vast roofing experience, techniques, and background to deliver quality work. 

  • Customer Service is our number one priority
  • All professional roof contractors
  • Solid Reputation of past Excellence
  • Warranty on All commercial roof repairs
  • Best Quality roofing materials used for repairs- from the finest manufacturers
If you’re noticing any signs of roof damage, it’s important to call us as soon as possible. We can’t help until you contact our team and give us a chance to fix the problem before it becomes worse. Give us a call today at (800) 884-3211  for more information on how we can back up your roof with repairs and revitalize its strength!


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