Hiring a Commercial Roof Contractor? Don’t Forget to Ask These 8 Questions

A roofing project can be a big undertaking. It’s important to take the time to do your research and ask all of the necessary questions before you start any work on your property.

We have the perfect resource to help you. This blog post is going to cover all of the key questions that every commercial property owner should ask their roofer before starting a project:

So if you’re ready, read and note these down!

1. What is your experience level?

Whenever you are trying to find a great roofing contractor, there are a few questions that you have to ask absolutely. One of them is, “What’s your experience level?”

 Experience level is the telltale sign that a company is legitimate.

If you call a company, and they tell you, “Well, we have only been in business for like 3 years,” then it’s probably a good idea to move on to the next company.

However, if you call a company, and they tell you that they have been in business for 20 years or more, then you know that they are legitimate.

Experience means a company knows how to deal with all kinds of different roof problems, knows what they are doing, tells you they have done the work before, and is reputable.

2. What will be the final and total cost of the project?

You need your roof repaired, so you go to your roofing contractor. He tells you how much it will cost, and you agree to the price.

A week later, the roofer calls you. He says, “I found some more leaks and need to repair them. These new leaks aren’t in the areas where we agreed, so I’m going to charge extra.”

He repeats the calculation, and you agree to the new price. Next, he asks you for a deposit. You agree. Two weeks later, he calls again. He tells you he’s found more leaks and wants more money to fix them.
He repeats the calculation, and you agree to the new price. Finally, he tells you that he has found even more leaks and wants to charge you even more money.

Now, this is the same guy who told you it would cost $6,000. And you’re pretty sure he’s telling the truth. But you’re starting to wonder whether he took your money and ran off with it.

What’s going on here? 

The answer is simple: your roofing contractor and you do not know the total cost of the roofing project.

Make sure to ask about the whole project cost before starting anything. You should also have an estimate for your expenses in mind, and never underestimate how much things will add up!

3. Do you offer liability insurance coverage in case something goes wrong with my roof or if someone gets hurt on my property while working on it?

It would help if you had a roofing company or contractor with insurance because Rooftop contractors are always in the middle of an action-packed job. Accidents can happen at any time, and it could affect not just you but also your company financially if something goes wrong without proper protection.

No matter how much experience or skill one has as a roofer, accidents will still occur from time to time, especially when working on very high places like rooftops which means there’s potential for litigation too! To help protect yourself against lawsuits, make sure the company you are hiring in your community covers worker injuries and damage to property with insurance.

4. Are you a full-service roofing contractor, or do you subcontract it?

You should always know who is doing your roofing to make sure it’s done right.  Ask the roofing company you are hiring if they will provide all services or just some. Subcontracting is not always bad. It just adds to more unknowns.  You may need to get more than one contract for them to do their job properly and efficiently! To avoid this hassle, it is best to hire a full-service roofing contractor in your community. 

5. Can I see your references?

A great way to ensure you’re hiring an experienced, reputable contractor in your area is checking their past work. Ask for a list of previous clients and visit them in person if possible! You can also ask these people questions like “Were there any mistakes? How were they addressed?” etc. If the customer was satisfied with their experience, then that should be enough assurance too because no one wants inexperienced staff doing potentially dangerous tasks on our commercial and industrial properties.

6. What is the scope of work?

If you want to avoid being disappointed with your finished project, it pays to find out the entire scope of work prior. You don’t want anything left out! It’s not just about finding a good contractor but also making sure they have all relevant information before starting their job, so there are no surprises down the line.
A lot goes into commercial roofing projects, from examing your roof material selection- everything takes time. And when we say “time,” this can refer to either days or months, depending on what type of roofing service you want for your building.

7. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

A professional contractor will stand behind their work by offering a guarantee or at least a warranty. They take responsibility for all defects in materials or workmanship associated with roofing services up to a certain period.

8. What is the timeframe for the completion of the project?

Roof replacement can often be finished in a day once work has begun. If you have old or rusted-out roofs, the job might take longer than expected due to these factors too! Your roofers should let you know upfront how long each phase of the project will last, so there are no surprises later on downstream when everything is done. 


Roofing repairs typically take 1-2 days tops. 

Roof Replacements take 3-5 days 

Roof Waterproofing takes 1-2 days


Roofing contractors offer a whole range of services, so make sure you know what you are getting beforehand, so there won’t be surprises later on. Ask all the questions we have above to make an informed decision when selecting a contractor.

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