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Port Allegany High School


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Port Allegany High School

In 2021, top roofing supplier Garland contacted our Nashville Commercial Roofing Division for a special commercial roofing installation and roof repair job in the rainy town of Port Allegany, Pennsylvania. We were excited to work on this project as it was a great opportunity to showcase our skills out of the state.

The renovation effort at Port Allegany High School was a great success! The new roof, which covered 13,000 square feet, was installed within 3 months.

The job was complex at the outset; however, due to a tropical storm that rolled in, our work was limited to a few days a week. And, as often necessary with jobs of this size and scope, we had to do substantial work to ensure that the structure was ready for the substantial upgrade.

But, neither weather nor the ongoing requirement to coordinate our activities with the many other contractors on-site delayed the project or prevented its on-time completion.

This video showcases the work our Nashville roofing contractors did on this project. We installed a 2-ply modified cold adhesion system and flood coated it with pea gravel. The finished product looks great and we’re proud to have completed this project on time and within budget.

Even though this commercial roofing project was a difficult one, the end result is worth it! The roof now has an effective waterproofing system that will last for years to come. We are glad to have contributed to the development of Port Allegany High School and grateful to our clients for their trust in us.

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