Commercial Roof Maintainance- Eskola Shield Plan

Roof Maintenance – A Better Way to Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

Just like your car, heating, or air conditioning, a commercial roof needs regular servicing.

Many commercial building owners stay unaware of the roof issues rising above until the signs become apparent. And more often, they are late to detect, and it leads to expensive replacements.

 Eskola Roofing addresses this problem by offering systematic commercial roof maintenance services. For more than 40 years, we have periodically worked on several commercial roof maintenance projects in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Morristown, and Nashville, Tennessee. The proactive approach to regular roof maintenance of a commercial building will keep you informed of potentially costly roof repairs long before they become a dire emergency.

Our highly skilled and trained roofing experts follow a proven roof maintenance program to :

  • Detect potential roof problems early
  • Fix issues as and when necessary 
  • Extend roofing lifespan and 
  • Cut costs on frequent repairs. 

We are proud about preventing total roof failure and saving building owners from strenuous emergency calls for help.

Eskola Roof Maintenance Process

Eskola follows an exhaustive commercial roof maintenance plan

Stage 1: Building Survey and Roof Assessment

 During our first visit, we note down the surroundings of your commercial building to measure the risks. We’ll’ determine if your roof is at low-risk or high risk depending on your building is located relative to wind direction, trees surrounding it, and estimate how well it’s likely to withstand harsh weather. 

Also, we note down 

  • How much foot traffic your roof  gets every day
  • The heavy objects exerting pressure on it
  • If it is used for any activities that might be wearing it out

This gives us an idea about the frequency and amount of maintenance work that needs to be done on your commercial roof regularly. Our experience says, the more significant the activity, the faster the roof will wear out. 

Stage 2: Customized Inspection Plan Design

 With the information collected in step 1, we’ll’ outline a customized inspection plan solely for your commercial building. To start with, our roofing contractors will decide on the best roof inspection schedule suitable for your commercial building. This could be once every six months or inspections after significant weather events. If you choose Eskola’s’ commercial maintenance program- Eskola Shield offers semiannual inspections. Next in the plan, we’ll’ write down a practical inspection checklist to use on every maintenance visit with the goal to

  • Clear the debris on the roof
  • Check and keep the drainage systems functional
  • Note down the areas with standing water
  • Limit objects that might penetrate the roof
  • Restrict access to unauthorized people
  • Train cleaning personnel about how to care for the roof
  • Clear ice deposits on overhangs and others

For roof inspections after significant weather events, we examine the ceilings for water stains, cracks, and interior walls for damage.

Stage 3: Identifying roof problems 

We’ll inspect every roof’s inch to find problem spots and note them down. Our roofing inspection specialists will especially evaluate the roof edges, flashes, terminations, drains, scuppers, gutters, roof penetrations, unites, control joints, and expansions to find common roof problems.

Stage 4: Roof Treatment and Repair

When it’s time to fix roof problems and apply for roof protection, Eskola’s roof repair crew lands fully geared with a vast arsenal of roofing and waterproofing products. Our roofing contractors skillfully use caulk guns, nail guns, air compressors, blades, hammers, shovels, sealants, fabric, cement, and more to add multiple coats of resilience and prolong the longevity of your existing roof.

Stage 5: Detailed Recording

Our habit of recording all the roof activity saves our clients and us a tremendous amount of time. We quickly go back to previous repairs, check their status and swiftly examine and strengthen weaker sections of your commercial roof on our very scheduled maintenance visit.

Eskola SHIELD – Roof Maintenance Program



A common reason why commercial roof owners are hesitant to use roof maintenance services is because of high costs that add up over multiple maintenance visits.

Eskola has put together a long-term roof maintenance program- SHIELD for commercial building owners. It guarantees general maintenance of your commercial roof through harsh weather and spring. We can arrive and maintain your roof when you need it with our equipment, roofing contractors, and dedicated transport facilities.

Wondering why regular maintenance is crucial? Here’s why you should Invest in a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan.

Benefits of our Comprehensive roof maintenance plan
  • Your roof is essential. We’ll’ make sure that your roof will provide you with years of shelter, no matter the weather.
  • Provides peace of mind and can help protect your facility, equipment, inventory, and assets.
  • 24/7 emergency availability – Guaranteed!
  • Protects you from unexpected roof expenses on roof replacement.
  • Preserves your roof for years
  • We provide regular roof inspections and, if needed, repairs will be made right then.

We’ve’ got your back. Let us know if you need any help with roof maintenance or repairs, and we can get it done for you on time at an affordable price. Contact us today to help you get started on our affordable Nashville, Chattanooga, KnoxvilleMemphisMorristown TN and Lexington KY preventive roof maintenance plan. We’ll send a team over to inspect the condition of your current roof before giving you an estimate. And don’t worry about paying upfront-we offer financing options too! Get started now

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