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Commercial Roof Assessment

Let Our Professional Audit Give You Peace of Mind

Your commercial rooftop is the most important feature of your commercial building and needs a thorough Commercial roof assessment service at least once a year.

Eskola takes great pride in offering a commercial roof audit service that helps to identify signs of damage early and offsets major repair and replacement costs.

Our commercial roof assessment service will provide you peace of mind — knowing that your roof is damage-free.

Whether you intend to sell a commercial building, buy a building or simply want to make sure the roof on your current building is free of major or minor damages, we can help! We are an experienced and certified to analyze all aspects of your commercial roofing needs.

Why Hire Eskola for Roof Assessment?

The signs of damage on a commercial roof can be very subtle and it needs a trained eye to notice and determine the significance of each potential problem. In addition, often getting to problem (climbing on the roof) may present its own issues and problems.

Our team is certified to assess and investigate commercial roofs using arduous techniques and advanced technologies such as thermography, drones, roofing labs, and other on site testing equipment. Our assessment process involves determining moisture intrusion, air exfiltration, construction defects, and insulation voids in the roofing.

What is Roof Assessment?

A roof assessment is a thorough analysis of your commercial roof to determine its condition, health, and integrity. A certified roof assessment specialist will inspect the roof and make recommendations to ensure your roof’s integrity. We will provide an complete report and the expertise to answer any question that you might have.

What does Eskola’s Commercial Roof Assessment Service Evaluate?

During the roofing assessment process, we look for the following things:

· Interior and exterior of the roof to determine if there any physical damage or surface deterioration.

· Evidence of leaks, cracks, uplifted seams

· Conditions of drains, gutters, fascia, vents, skylights, and chimneys on industrial buildings

· Areas where water may collect during snowstorms and rainfall

· Damaged flashing points

To judge a roof better, before we start an assessment, we would like you to give us the information about the manufacturer’s warranty- covered or not, the roof’s age, and several layers installed on the roof.

When to Call for Commercial Roof Assessment Service?

· If you’re planning to sell your commercial building

· Before you buy a commercial building

· Following a storm or storm damage

· When there is a pool of water on the roof

· After going through a season of severe weather

It doesn’t always have to be extreme weather that threatens a commercial rooftop. Even exposure to the sun, high gusty winds, snow, seasonal rain, and hail for long gradually wears your roof. Our commercial roof assessment service will help you find even minor damage which will save you money in the long run.

If your commercial building is located in Hendersonville, Morristown, Nashville or Knoxville let our local offices help you today! Contact us today to schedule a roof assessment. You will be glad you did! We look forward to hearing from you!


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