Commercial Drone Roof Inspection

Drones are everywhere these days, and for good reason – they’re amazing pieces of technology. But did you know that drones can also be used for commercial roof inspections? That’s right, drones can help building owners get a better view of their roofs from the sky, which can help them identify any potential damage or problems. If you’re interested in learning more about drone technology and roof inspections, keep reading!

What is a Drone Roof Inspection?

Drone roof inspections are used to get a birds-eye view of your commercial property’s roof. Drone  inspections are one of the fastest ways to get an idea of damage, deterioration, and other issues on your commercial rooftop.

 A drone’s ability to fly over rooftops makes it easier for commercial property owners to get a comprehensive view of the roof and detect potential issues.

What Does a Drone Roof Inspection Include?

A drone roof inspection is aimed at inspecting an entire roof. Each drone inspection covers a much larger area in less time than a human inspector would be able to see.

 The entire roof is covered so owners get the most comprehensive view possible of their commercial roof. This includes roofs that are hard to reach or otherwise inaccessible by foot or vehicle.

Drone Roof Inspection

Drone Inspections vs. Human Inspections

In the past, inspecting roofs was very tedious and time-consuming. Roofing contractors would have to scale up ladders or use harnesses to reach high angles of the roof. Inspectors would also have to use binoculars to inspect the roof’s condition, but now drones can easily access portions of roofs that were previously difficult or impossible to reach. These unmanned aerial vehicles provide real-time views and allow for more efficient roof inspections on commercial and industrial properties.

Drones are able to fly over the entire building without a problem. They can check for any damage that would otherwise be missed by a human inspector.

Since drones can fly so easily, it’s easy to see how they could check several buildings quickly. The time spent per building is greatly reduced as drones can fly multiple times over the course of just one day. This allows for greater overall building inspections as fewer employees are needed to conduct the work.

If you’re looking for a better, faster way to conduct your building inspections, look into these drones and how they can simplify the process. Once you see the benefits of drone roof inspections, it will be hard to imagine ever going back to traditional inspection methods.

Benefits of Using Drones for Commercial Roof Inspections

Quick Roof Inspection

A drone roof inspection can be completed in just one visit. This saves time and money that would otherwise be spent making multiple trips to your property or calling for additional service. A typical roof inspection takes 30-60 minutes, but with a drone, it’s possible to complete this in as little as five minutes!

Safe and Cost-Effective

A drone roof inspection can be completed from the ground, which means you don’t have to keep your entire crew hanging off a ladder for hours at a time. This significantly reduces overall costs and can help lead to a safer work environment.

Measure Roofs with High Accuracy

It’s possible to measure the perimeter of your commercial roof with drones by using infrared cameras. If you set up several points around the edge of your roof, the drone will record these points and create a digital fence that can be used to calculate overall measurements for your property.

Drone Roof Inspections Provide Detailed Images and Reports

The drone’s camera provides high-resolution images and videos of the roof, allowing inspectors to pinpoint all roof defects and irregularities. Not only will these reports highlight areas of concern but they will also offer advice on how to resolve them.

If the drone records any damage, it will be very clear in the footage and easy to see on the images. Drone inspections are most effective when they’re done at least once a year; however, some companies that want regular updates to recommend drone inspections twice or even three times per year.

Cloud-Based 3D Models

Commercial building inspections are greatly simplified with the use of drones. Rather than having to measure every single piece of equipment on a roof, you can have all of this information sent directly to your phone or computer by using simple cloud-based software.

Drones are now able to provide real-time 3D imaging reports for customers wanting an up-close view of any potential roofing problems. These models can also be used for estimating the cost of replacement and repair, as well as to compare old reports against recent ones.

Faster Inspection Reports

A drone roof inspection provides a faster turnaround time for inspections. The time it takes to send photos and footage to clients is dramatically reduced with the use of drones because the full reports are not done up by humans. Drones only provide the nitty-gritty details so you can get to work on fixing things right away!

After your drone inspection, you might want to consider our Commercial Roof Maintenance Service to address any issues found.

Drones are the future of roof inspection. Not only are they faster, easier, and safer than traditional methods, but they also provide more accuracy! Drone inspections can help you get to work on repairs much quicker while saving you time and money along the way.

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