5 Reasons To Choose Commercial Modified Bitumen Roofing


Have you heard of modified bitumen commercial roofing? It is a popular roofing option for commercial and industrial properties. We’ll take a look at what is commercial Bitumen Roofing and the 5 reasons why you should consider modified bitumen roofing for your commercial building:

What is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

It is a type of asphalt-based roofing that is made by combining asphalt with one or more modifier resins. This creates a stronger, more durable material that is then rolled out and applied to the roof.

5 layers of mod bit roof material

  • Insulation: The first layer is typically an insulation board, which helps to keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can lead to lower energy bills and a more comfortable work environment for employees and customers alike.
  • Base Sheet: The next layer is a base sheet, which is usually made from fiberglass or another type of reinforcement material coated with asphalt. This layer provides additional strength and stability to the roof.
  • Modified Bitumen Membrane: These are composed of copolymer-modified bitumen, which is then reinforced with a variety of materials like polyester and fiberglass.
  • Adhesive: This acts as a waterproofing material and helps to keep the other layers in place. It is applied using cold or hot asphalt.
  • Surface Coating: The final layer is a surface coating, which helps to protect the roof from UV rays, weathering, and other elements.

Now that we’ve covered what modified bitumen roofing is let’s take a look at five reasons why it might be the best choice for your commercial property.

Easy to Install, Repair and Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of modified bitumen roofing is that it is easy to install, repair, and maintain. Thanks to the fact that it comes in large rolls that are simply rolled out and adhered to the roof.

Once it is installed, modified bitumen roofing requires very little maintenance. In fact, all commercial building owners really need to do is keep an eye on it and make sure that there are no holes, cracks, or leaks.

If there are any problems, they can be easily fixed with a patch. You also won’t need to worry about painting or sealing it like you would with other types of roofing.


Modified bitumen is a very flexible material, which makes it ideal for use on commercial roofs. It can be installed in many different ways and can be used as a cap sheet, base ply, and flashing material to protect your building’s roof from water damage.

Also, Modified bitumen is great for commercial buildings as it’s available in a variety of thicknesses that are designed to meet the needs of different types of roofs. It works well on flat or sloped roofs.


Commercial modified bitumen roofing is tear-resistant because of the multiple layers that make up the system.

  • The base layer provides a stable foundation, while the top layer protects against extreme weather and UV rays.
  • In between these two layers is a reinforcement layer that gives the system added strength and stability.

This multi-layered design makes commercial modified bitumen roofing one of the most durable systems on the market today. It can withstand high winds and heavy rains, as well as being able to resist tears and punctures.


The initial cost of commercial modified bitumen roofing may be higher than some other types of roofing, but it is a very cost-effective choice in the long run. Modified bitumen roofs have a lifespan of 20-30 years, which is much longer than most other types of roofing. They require low maintenance, which means you will save money on repairs and replacements over the life of the roof.

Enhanced Durability and Performance

Commercial modified bitumen roofing has enhanced durability and performance. It’s made to withstand extreme temperatures, physical abuse, impact from foot traffic, UV radiation, wind, rain, and snow. It also resists fire and chemical exposure as well as ice buildup in the winter months.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Is The Ideal Solution For These Commercial Roofs Needs

Commercial roofing is different than residential roofing, and that’s why you should choose modified bitumen roofing over other types of commercial roofing. Commercial roofs are exposed to more extreme weather, more wear and tear, higher traffic loads, and more heavy equipment. They require a special kind of durability—one that modified bitumen is able to provide.

Modified bitumen can withstand more than just rain or snow; it can withstand heavy loads like those from air conditioners or flat-roofed buildings. With its durability comes fewer maintenance costs over time; this means lower costs for businesses that hire contractors regularly for maintenance services.

If you’re up for installing a new roof or simply repairing an old one, Contact our roofing contractor today to know more about commercial modified bitumen roofing.

Check our video of the recent 2ply Modified Bitumen Roof Installation project here!

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